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I've been dealing with funeral and estate stuff. My brother passed away 2 weeks ago at age 37; we are still waiting on the results of the autopsy. I didn't think this journal was an appropriate forum to discuss such matters, this journal, since it is a journal regaring my fundraising, saving and work towards my surgery.

However, as always, only a fool is loved by all, and someone called me 'selfish' because I didn't mention it here. They would most likely know about my brother's passing from the public post in my personal journal. They then went on to recount how they lost weight, suffered from x and y, etc, how I was the cause of World War I and the burning of the library of Alexandria, etc.

The point is, and this is one we all need to realize, not everyone is going to like us. No matter what we do, what we say, there will be some people who will get a bug up their ass about something you do, say, or happen to be. They will stalk your livejournals over some imagined slight that you did, ignore you, trash-talk you, and otherwise act like they are in elementary school.

Don't fall into that trap. Life is too short, as I found out with my brother. And it's not a race, or a destination. It's a life, that you live moment to moment, that you experience for good or bad. Lots of good stuff here, lots of good people... and enough space to ignore the bad ones. Too much energy to spend stalking people we don't like. But some won't learn. That's the difference between good people and bad people, how to focus on good things and people.

I started a new job, and I managed to put away a little more money into the surgery fund (right now at an even $3300). As I start getting full paychecks, it will grow more and more after I pay off some credit card stuff and funeral expenses.

Hope everyone is well. Ever forward.
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