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Surgery Day Tomorrow

Alright, surgery day tomorrow. Due to circumstance and fanatical numbers of abdominal exercises over nearly a year and a half of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I don't need a full body lift but a bizarre version of liposuction involving Science!

Well, at least a fiber optic laser that heats the fat in the area in question so that it will come free from the skin. Then the heat actually will tighten the skin from the underside, as well as remove the fat deposits that are stopping the skin from contracting. Science! enough for me, although my flying car would be nice.

Long road that started back in 2002 with the rebuilding of my life physically and mentally. Some bumps along the way, but this is the last major hurdle to reconstructing myself. My ride arrives 9am (few better I could ask for the company of, I think), breakfast and then the doctors. Should be done by 2:30 PM. After that, a day of not moving around much, then a week off training.

Then the next project is washboard abs. :)

For those who have supported me in this, I thank you. For those who made outright donations as opposed to work I've done for people, I'm going to make a donation matching that (those donations came to a few hundred dollars, I'll check the math) to Doctors Without Borders. Figure I've had enough good fortune to pass it along.

For those who were negative, hostile or downright insulting to me and my quest... well, I can only say that you will probably get everything that you deserve in the world, when it comes down to it. Funny how the world works in that regard.

And now, some personal grooming (seems I get to shave my stomach), gathering some odds and ends, and then sleep. Tomorrow, I get to take a few more steps to finish a long road.
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