caiasversion2 (caiasversion2) wrote,

And now, pretty much the end of the road.

Some bumps and bruises aside, dealing with other issues (including the death of my brother and parents' medical problems) and assorted chaos, I'm getting ready to go ahead with a procedure.

Fortunately, I've been engaging in Brazilian Jiujitsu these past 14 months and it has helped shrink my skin a bit as well as lose more weight and add more muscle. I won't need a full body lift but some other tightening for the stomach that will cost about 4000 dollars. Certainly better than the 15k I would have needed for a full body lift.

Between money I saved and work I did for people (and about 150 dollars in 'donations', a part of which I ended up doing work in kind for anyway), I have that amount. For those who were supportive, thank you. For those who were not, especially my anonymous watchers who make claims but can't actually prove a thing, oh well.

Recent pic, btw, about end of October. Actually lost about 15 pounds since this was taken (the last part is always the hardest).

Need to get a sitting EKG in the next few weeks and then set a day for the procedure. Most likely it will be early January, just in time for sick days at work to reset. Less recovery time for this, so if I do it on a Friday I'm back to work on Sunday Afternoon (critical systems engineer working afternoons Sunday-Thursday).

Some things I learned:

No matter what you do, some people will hate you no matter what.

I would have had this money in five weeks if I were a 19 year old girl looking for breast implants. :)

I'm not perfect, but neither are you. Still, I can be happier with myself and do things towards that end. I'd hope you would do the same.

I'll be in touch.
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