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State of the Caias Address, July Edition

Greetings, Readers!

For too long your protagonist has been away from this journal. No doubt, your minds have shuddered at the thought that there would be no more updates, no more words to ease your mind, that I no longer would regale you will tales of my imminent transformation and metamorphosis.

Fear Not, Gentle Readers. Your fears are unfounded, your alarm unwarrented. All is well.

I am here.

I am currently striving to reach a goal of 12% body fat before my surgery. I should be able to do this by October. At that point, I can set a surgery date and get the rest of this skin removed. Then, I shall start my nude modeling career...

Or at least just be able to buy stuff off the rack.

Training goes well. Much like Muad'Dib, my name shall be a killing word. Likewise, writing continues, with my novel sitting in a warehouse waiting to be spread out among the clamoring masses hungry for text. Other writing happens between bouts of Regular Job, an affliction I still have yet to overcome. Soon, though, this affliction will pass.

Of course, small details plague my life, and as always there are ups and downs, lefts and rights. But this is part of the normal world. Now, I simply enjoy my wide wide horizon.

Hope all is well.
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