caiasversion2 (caiasversion2) wrote,

Yes, I'm still here...

Sorry about the lack of posting.

Between my brother's estate and job hunting and personal issues, I've been less than responsive.

As for updates...

The fund is about 3700 dollars now. I haven't been able to contribute much to it due to having to help my parents, as my father was out of work. But he is working, I am working, and things are moving along.

I should have a novel coming out in September, which I will release though print on demand publishing. Basically, someone orders a copy, a company prints it, and they ship it to the person. This will create interest while I hunt for an agent.

Here's the rough cover I'm going to use, btw.

I've been losing more weight, which has helped; my surgeon wants me to lose another 40 so he can get the best results. I should be able to do that in another few months, then it is maintaining that until the surgery. I'm looking to after the New Year for the surgery date now.

I should also be listing more things on ebay in the next few weeks, and will keep updates more frequent.
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